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    Spiritual Riches: A Brief History of University of Dallas's Religious Life, 1956 - 2013
    (University of Dallas, 2013-01-01T00:00:00-08:00) Novinski, Sybil
    From its inception the University of Dallas has provided a rich reservoir or spiritual resources for its community. The long traditions of Cistercian monks and Dominican Friars and the rich histories of service of the Sisters of St. Mary of Namur and School Sisters of Notre Dame combined with the committed livges of the priests of the Dioceses of North Texas furnished a vibrant mix of insights into the religious life of the Church. The burgeoning lay population of the region provided an energizing, pioneering background for the development of spiritual life at the University. The University motto - love truth and justice - continues to permeate both the intellectual and religious life of the institution.
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    University of Dallas History of the Library, 1955 - 2006
    (University of Dallas, 2006-01-01T00:00:00-08:00) Beshara, Michael
    The library is the heart of any university. As the heart of a body, the library is essential to the growth and livelihood of the whole corpus. But at the same time, the library is a body itself and is subject to growth and change. What follows is an attempt to encapsulate the major events and episodes - taken from annual reports, newspaper articles, personal interviews, and various other sources - that make up the history of the library at the University of Dallas.
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    Univerity of Dallas History of Athletics, 1956-2006
    (University of Dallas, 2006-01-01T00:00:00-08:00) Strockbine, Richard; Wolfe, Chris; Michniewski, Paul
    The University of Dallas is an institution dedicated to the pursuit of excellence. Every facet of the institution is seen in that light. Regarding the relation of the sports program to the central pursuit of the University. Plato's observation is pertinent. "Gymnastic and music, in due proportions, he said, are the dispositional base for reason. A disciplined, coordinated body is itself a model of the rational system." This statement, opening the report of the 1984 ad hoc Committee on Sports and Recreation, demonstrates the approach toward athletics that has always existed at the University of Dallas. UD accepts athletic prowess as a good and encourages the pursuit of this good by its students. Throughout the history of athletics at UD there have been good times and bad, but the University has tried its best to support the athletics in its proper place.
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    50 Years of Vision and Courage: 1956-2006
    (University of Dallas, 2006-01-01T00:00:00-08:00) Tovar Lara, Estelle; Morgan, Sandra; Weber, Becky; Sweet, David Ph. D.
    From the President The handsome volume you now hold was written to record and celebrate the first fifty years of the history of the University of Dallas. Fifty years is not a long span in the life of a university, but they have been most productive at UD. They have been marked by an extraordinary commitment to academic achievement and to the development of students of notable talent, ability, and leadership. They have also witnessed the creation of an institutional character that reflects the serious religious commitment of the founders, an academic quality nationally recognized and admired by the scholarly community, and an independent spirit of thoughtful reflection and critical insight that flow from liberal learning. The vision and courage required to found and sustain the University of Dallas affirms grandly the Dallas and Texas reputation for determination, boldness, and creativity. It also affirms the courage and farsightedness of the Sisters of Saint Mary o fNamur who provided the spark to found the University and Bishop Thomas K. Gorman, Eugene Constantin, Edward Maher, and the legions of donors, faculty, and students who did not let it diminish. We hope you enjoy the account and will join us in the great future ahead. Francis M. Lazarus, President