Univerity of Dallas History of Athletics, 1956-2006

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University of Dallas

The University of Dallas is an institution dedicated to the pursuit of excellence. Every facet of the institution is seen in that light. Regarding the relation of the sports program to the central pursuit of the University. Plato's observation is pertinent. "Gymnastic and music, in due proportions, he said, are the dispositional base for reason. A disciplined, coordinated body is itself a model of the rational system." This statement, opening the report of the 1984 ad hoc Committee on Sports and Recreation, demonstrates the approach toward athletics that has always existed at the University of Dallas. UD accepts athletic prowess as a good and encourages the pursuit of this good by its students. Throughout the history of athletics at UD there have been good times and bad, but the University has tried its best to support the athletics in its proper place.

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