Meeting 4: The Role of Secondary Education and the Principalâ s Art of Leadership

dc.contributor.authorMacMillan, Claudia
dc.creatorCowan, Bainard
dc.description.abstractDr. Claudia MacMillan is Founding Director of the Louise and Donald Cowan Center for Education at the Dallas Institute for Humanities and Culture; she is editor of and contributor to What is a Teacher? Remembering the Soul of Education Through Classic Literature; and she has extensive experience in both high school classrooms and administrative offices as well as at the university level. She holds a Ph.D. in Literature from the University of Dallas and is an alumna of the 1989-1990 Summer Institutes for Teachers at the Dallas Institute. The readings for this meeting were all taken from Donald Cowan's Unbinding Prometheus. Preface (pp. vii-x) Introduction: Between Two Ages (pp. 1-18) Chapter 2: A Spectre Of The Past: Renouncing Faust (pp. 33-49) Chapter 3: The Perennial Future: Learning with Prospero (pp. 50-67) Dr. MacMillan also made reference to Chapters 1 and 4-6, which were assigned earlier in the series.
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dc.titleMeeting 4: The Role of Secondary Education and the Principalâ s Art of Leadership