The Post-Technological Age

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We're not certain we're yet into a technological age, so to stake out a post-technological age is somewhat like the original sooners dashing across the prairies in their prairie schooners to make first claims on the choice sites, saying "I got here first." What is implied by the title is a recognition that students presently sitting in college classrooms are the people who will be in charge of society twenty to thirty years from the inescapable present. The education presented to them now must be preparation for that time --in some way must be a foretaste or a prophecy of what society will become and what it will need. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy, of course, because as these students nudge their way toward the seats of power they will be helping to shape the very society they are to rule. How can we educate for a society we know will be different from the present?

Education, Donald Cowan, Liberal Education, Science, Technology, Poetry, Education, Oklahoma